Why You Should NOT Make New Year Resolutions

Another day, another year.

In the early teens, I was very excited in making new year resolutions. I was determined and resolved to fulfill my hopes and dreams with the action of putting in place resolutions, and every year, there were 10 resolutions made.

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Top 10 FREE School Holiday Hacks for Your Kids

SCHOOL IS OUT! The holidays are finally here! For children, that is probably THE most exciting to look forward to after a year of school, tuition classes and examinations. BUT for parents, this might actually be a nightmare! Leaving your children all alone at home for a whole month? NO WAY! Some of you may think of sending your child off for more tuition and classes to fill up their schedules, but let’s admit it, those costs money, and even as adults, we too look forward to taking a break and having a relaxing holiday.

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Harajuku Takeshita Dori

Top 5 things to do in Harajuku

Where Quirky and Classy come together.

Harajuku Cosplay

Harajuku cosplayers on a lovely sunny morning! Credit: Shannon Jackson

Harajuku is a wonderful mix pot of fashion, it signals some of the latest trends in Tokyo, passionate cosplayers of Japan and the world, hip-hop street cultures, and lolita fashion. Perhaps the most popular and must see feature of Harajuku is Takeshita-Dori. So let’s start from there! 

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